Victims of Crime

Have you or your children suffered from abuse or acts of violence?

Are you or your children angry or depressed?

Do you often feel on-edge, hopeless, or lacking energy to carry out basic, daily activities?

Do your children often seem irritable, worried, or sad?

Are your children acting up more frequently at home or at school?

Do you find yourself absorbed with worries and unable to concentrate?

These may be the effects of a violent crime, which may give you the right to free individual or family counseling!

Victims and witnesses of a reported violent crime may qualify for 30-40 sessions of free counseling treatment through the California Victims of Crime Fund.  Affected family members may also qualify for 15 free sessions.

To make an appointment to determine your eligibility for these free services, please call the Ray of Light Trauma Recovery Center at (510) 827-8583.